Jesus Daily Message

Evening Quotes

I thank Thee my heavenly Father through Jesus Christ Thy
Forgive my faults in work or play And listen to my evening prayer.
Thy favor gives me daily bread And friends who all my
All praise to Thee my God this night For all the blessings of
Keep me O keep me King of kings Beneath Thine own
I fall asleep in Jesus' wounds There pardon for my sins abounds; Yea Jesus' blood
The toils of day are over; I lift my heart to Thee And ask
O Jesus make their darkness light And guard me through the
O Lord God I pray Thee for Christ's sake forgive me
Lord I have passed another day And come to thank Thee for Thy
The day is past and over All thanks O Lord to Thee! O Jesus keep me in Thy sight
The day is done; O God the Son Look down upon Thy little one!
O Light of Light Keep me this night And shed round me Thy
I need not fear If Thou art near; Thou art my Savior Kind
Forgive O Lord for Thy dear Son The ill that I
Watch o'er a little child to-night Blest Savior from
Jesus Savior wash away All that has been wrong to-day; Help me every
Let my near and dear ones be Always near and dear to Thee. O
In my little bed I lie: Heavenly Father hear my cry; Lord keep Thou me through
Savior lay Thy hand on me Bless me and remember
Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray Thee Lord my soul to

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