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Genesis Quotes

Behold Rebekah is before you.
Take her and go and let her be your master’s son’s wife as God has
When Abraham’s servant heard their words he bowed himself down to
I came today to the spring and said ‘God the God of my master Abraham if now you
Let it happen that the maiden who comes out to draw to whom I will say “Please
then she tells me “Drink and I will also draw for your camels”
let her be the woman whom God has appointed for my
Before I had finished speaking in my heart behold Rebekah
She went down to the spring and drew. I said to her ‘Please let me drink.
She hurried and let down her pitcher from her shoulder and
So I drank and she also gave the camels a drink.
I asked her and said ‘Whose daughter are you?’ She said ‘The daughter of
I put the ring on her nose and the bracelets on
I bowed my head and worshiped God and blessed God the God of my
Now if you will deal kindly and truly with my master tell me. If
Then Laban and Bethuel answered “The thing proceeds from God.
We can’t speak to you bad or good.
My master made me swear saying ‘You shall not take a wife for my
but you shall go to my father’s house and to my relatives
I asked my master ‘What if the woman will not follow me?’
He said to me ‘God before whom I walk will send his angel with you and

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