Jesus Daily Message

Morning Quotes

My Father for another night Of quiet sleep and
Now with the new-born day I give Myself anew to Thee That as
Lord for the mercies of this night My humble thanks I pay And unto
Whate'er I do things great or small Whate'er I speak
My Father for His sake I pray. Thy child accept and
For this new morning with its light For rest and shelter of the
I thank Thee Lord for sleep and rest For all the
Jesus gentle Shepherd Bless Thy lamb to-day; Keep me in Thy footsteps Never
Keep my little tongue to-day Keep it gentle while I play; Keep my hands
Jesus keep me all this day. When at school and when at
O blessed Lord protect Thou me And my dear parents graciously; With Thy
In the early morning With the sun's first rays. All God's little children Thank and
I too thanks would offer Jesus Shepherd dear For Thy tender pasture For
And I would implore Thee Be with me this day Lest I from
All my little wants supply If I live or if I die. And when life O Lord is past
The morning bright With rosy light Has waked me from my sleep;
All through the day I humbly pray Be Thou my Guard and Guide; My
Now I raise me up from sleep I thank the Lord who did me
O help me Lord this day to be Thy own dear child and follow Thee; And
O Lord my God to Thee pray While from my bed I rise
Jesus Lord to Thee I pray Guide and guard me through this day. As the shepherd

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