Jesus Daily Message

Prayers Quotes

As you bore the Physician heal my soul of its passion-filled years.
I am tossed in the tempest of life: direct me to the path of
Deliver me from the eternal flame from the evil worm and from hell.
Make me not a joy for demons though I am guilty of many sins.
Make me new most undefiled one for I am aged by
Estrange me from all torments and pray for me to the
Grant that with all the saints I may inherit the joys of heaven.
Hear most holy Virgin the voice of your useless servant.
Grant me a torrent of tears most pure one to wash the
The groans of my heart I bring you unceasingly: open your heart O Lady!
Accept my prayerful service and take it to the compassionate God.
You who are far higher than the angels raise me above this world's
O light-bearing heavenly cloud direct spiritual grace into me.
I raise in praise all-undefiled one hands and lips defiled by sin.
Deliver me from soul-corrupting harm praying fervently to Christ To Whom glory and
I hymn your Grace O Lady and pray that you grace my mind.
Teach me to walk correctly on the path of Christ's
Strengthen me to watch in song dispelling the
I am bound by fetters of sin free me by your prayers O Bride of
Keep me in the night and in the day delivering me from warring enemies.
As you bore the life-giving God give life to me who am wounded by passions.

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